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Busy weeks ahead

Click on the story link for more information on the Book Fair, the 4th Grade Program, and our first School-Wide Enrichment Day coming soon!

Want to receive emergency messages from CSISD?

Click on the story link to see how to do so if you have not already set up access to CSISD's emergency messaging system. Due to federal laws, an entity like CSISD cannot simply blast out texts to phone numbers without having families "opt-in" to the service.

Boosterthon is Tomorrow!!

'Rangler Families--

We have arrived at an exciting day- Boosterthon is here!  The students will be running in the gym during their normal CAMP times, save for Kidner and Fourth, who will be switching their times.  The entire schedule is as follows:

8:05-9:05  Kinder, AM Pre-K, 

9:10-10:10  Third Grade

10:20-11:20  Second Grade

12:20-1:20  First Grade, PM Pre-K

1:30-2:30   Fourth Grade

A few things to remember if you plan on coming and watching the event:  we will be scanning visitors into the building, so arrive early for your child's time.  Even with two scanners going at once, it takes 15-20 seconds per person.  With the amount of visitors we expect, the line will be long.  Patience will be important!   Next, we will have a designated area for guests to cheer from in the gym.  Please stay in this area, as with many bodies in the gym running around in a dark environment, we want to try and keep everyone safe.  Finally, enjoy the fun- the kids are incredibly excited, and want to have a great time wrapping up these two weeks.  I hope to see many of you tomorrow!

Boosterthon Update

Thanks to our amazing school community, we are just about on track to meet our goal- but we still need your help!  If you have not yet, head over to where you can register your student for pledges, use a photo to create a video to send to friends and relatives about the program, take a look at some of the character videos the students have been seeing as part of the "Mindspark Mystery Lab" theme this year, and keep track of the progress your student has made.  This weekend, we have a special challenge going- any student who receives at least $2 per lap in NEW pledges will receive the extra prize- a flick football! Take a look at this challenge in this video:

  Next week, we hope to finish the pledge phase of the program in a positive manner, and celebrate at our fun run on Friday, September 28th.  Students will run during their CAMP times, with the exception of Kinder and 4th, who will switch their times.  The schedule looks like this:

8:05-- PPCD/AM Pre-K, Kindergarten
9:10- 3rd Grade
10:20- 2nd Grade
12:20- PM Pre-K, 1st Grade
1:30- 4th Grade
  If you have not had a chance to pledge yet, there is still plenty of time!  You do not even have to do so online- you can always write down pledges on your child's pledgebook and send in the pledge amount.  This is our major fund-raiser, and appreciate any help you can provide.  

  Thanks as always for your support, and have a great weekend.

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